There are several housing possibilities for your foreign professionals. The most common option for expats is renting a private sector house. Renting such accommodation is not subsidised. There are no special criteria to meet, although you will usually need a residence permit for your employee.

Rental properties are offered by:

  • Specialised rental agencies
  • Estate agentsIf your foreign professional would prefer to buy a house or an apartment, he or she should seek advice from an expert.
  • Expat Center Food Valley works closely together with partners that can arrange housing for foreign professionals and their family members. If you are looking for accommodation in the Food Valley Region - Wageningen, Ede, Veenendaal, Rhenen, Renkum, Barneveld or Nijkerk - please contact us for more information and advice.

We can help you in finding the right expert who can support your expat in finding and purchasing a house or apartment.


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