Outgoing staff

Expat Center Food Valley offers support for international employments. If your employee is going to work abroad, there are many things to take into account. Things you need to consider are for example: taxes, insurance, social security and relocation. In cooperation with three partners Expat Center Food Valley offers a full-service package in order to support your company and your employee . ECFV is the process director, our partners on this topic are AON, Tax Globalizers, and Voerman International. Each partners is specialized in its own domain:


AON Insurances

(international insurance)

Being an expat means a new country, new environment, new culture and new values and standards and circumstances. This also impacts specific risks. As worldwide leading insurance broker Aon understands their situation as no other party. Working with all reputable international insurers Aon puts together all relevant insurances and services for expats and for employers with expats.

Tax Globalizers

(pay roll consulting, tax and social security issues)

Tax Globalizers advises and assists companies and their employees so that they do not have to go into complicated issues like employment law (international) tax issues, social security, payroll and migration formalities themselves.
Tax Globalizers offers the ‘one-stop shop’ approach. In each field of their services they have specialised professionals at their disposal. Harmonisation between different services is guaranteed.

Voerman International 

(international removals)

Voerman International is a specialist in international removals and relocations.  With a cooperative worldwide network they operate on all continents, which makes doing business easy and practical for all associates and clients. Voerman offers a wide range of services, including: temporary and permanent storage, control and coordination of logistics, removal of goods from origin to destination, processing of all customs clearance documentation, visa and immigration support, door-to-door delivery and full range insurance services. All catered to make you feel at home across the globe.


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