One World Week

From 30 March - 5 April Wageningen University and Research organises the One World Week. A week in which the University celebrates its international identity and cultural diversity. Grab this chance to interact, connect, have fun and learn more from each other to become a world-wise citizen. The One World Week welcomes everybody: students and employees of Wageningen University & Research and Aeres University of Applied Sciences and other interested persons. Most of the activities are for free and without registration. If registration is needed, it is shown on the website. During the One World Week there are many activities in 1 week concerning international issues; exposure of different cultures, food, fashion, festival, debates on global themes, lectures, sports, movies etcetera. The activities are during lunch time and in the evenings, mainly in Orion and Impulse. There are also nice activities during the weekend. Special exhibition in Orion - ‘Ordinary People’ - Refugee Committee Red Cross For the duration of the One World Week the Refugee Committee Red Cross will show the exhibition ‘Ordinary People’, made by photographer Raymond Rutting & author Arthur Japin. The exhibition will be in Orion during the whole week and the Refugee Committee Red Cross will be present as much as possible to tell you more about it and about their other activities.  

Date and time

This event takes place all day




Contactperson: Astrid van den Heuvel

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