Courses and training

Expat Center Food Valley offers various courses via our partners Wageningen University and Research and Wageningen in’to Languages.

To get acquainted with living in the Netherlands, finding out more about the Dutch culture, and any other aspects related to moving to the Netherlands, we offer a number of special workshops that have been developed for international people moving to the Netherlands.

Introduction to the Netherlands workshop

Several times each year, Wageningen University and Research organises a workshop entitled: ‘Introduction to the Netherlands’. The workshop is for newly arrived foreign professionals and their partners, who will be staying in the Netherlands for six months or longer. Group size: 10-16 participants.

After this workshop, participants will:

  • Be aware of the process of migration/integration into a new society and recognise the stages of culture shock and how these (might) affect the individual.
  • Have insight into some basic values and norms of Dutch society and how these relate to their own cultural background.
  • Receive information about current rituals and symbols in Dutch society, which can help them to adapt to their new life.
  • Have met colleagues of Wageningen UR or other Dutch companies who are in the same stage of the acclimatisation process and with whom they can share experiences and ideas to feel more at home in the Netherlands.

Through interactive presentations, case studies, exercises and discussion on the acclimatisation process, you will learn about Dutch culture (values and norms, rituals and symbols) and will be able to exchange experiences with other participants and discuss with a panel of experts. You will share a typical Dutch lunch to stimulate informal communication and discuss differences and similarities in eating habits, etc.

This workshop takes place from 09.00 until 13.00 on Wageningen UR Campus. After registration, you will be informed in due course of the address and building.

You can register for this workshop through Expat Center Food Valley. Please contact us for more information.

Partner programme

We also offer a special programme to help your partner to get acquainted with living in the Netherlands, to understand the Dutch culture and to get to know other expats. This programme will create an opportunity for your partner to meet other partners of expatriates on a regular basis and to share common interests or to address practical issues regarding living in the Netherlands.

In this partner programme, six to eight meetings a year will be organised in the Impulse Building (Campus Wageningen UR, Building 115). Each meeting will address a different subject. Some excursions to Wageningen will be organised to explore specific subjects. The meetings will take place between 09.00 and 13.30. Lunch will be included.

Please contact us for more information about the Partner programme.

Language courses

Would you like to learn to communicate effectively in different languages at various levels? Wageningen in’to Languages provides (tailor-made) language courses for professionals in the Food Valley and surrounding areas.

Group courses


Would you like to learn Dutch in Wageningen? Then the Dutch courses at Wageningen in'to Languages are just the thing for you. Our courses are taught by (near) native, experienced and academically trained teachers and all our course locations are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.


Wageningen in’to Languages offers a wide range of English courses at various levels and completely tailored to your needs, where you will learn the English that is appropriate to your professional or academic practice.






Intensive Language Programmes

Significantly improve your language proficiency in only five days, through the Intensive Language Programmes. These programmes are taught at Huize Heyendael, a unique, small-scale training location on the Radboud University Nijmegen campus. Click here for more information.


More information? Please contact Wageningen in’to Languages:

T: 0317-482552



Expat Center Food Valley can offer a discount if you apply for your course through us.

The courses from Wageningen in’to Languages distinguish themselves by their high pace, thorough and functional approach, and their effectiveness. They are about more than learning words and grammar; what matters is what you want to achieve with a language.

We can support you and your family members with information. Please contact us for more information.



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