Tax Globalizers Open Office

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Tax Globalizers, our partner in international mobility, will be available from 10.00 – 16.00 at Expat Center Food Valley. Employers and employees are welcome to make acquaintance and leverage their knowledge and experience in the area of the various aspects of (international) tax and social security.

Questions regarding the 30% ruling, tax returns, allowances as well as the tax and social security implications of being assigned abroad or being recruited to work in the Netherlands can be answered. Furthermore, Tax Globalizers can explain how and to what extent they can help you so that you are certain that your (financial) situation – as well as the cost aspects for the company - is structured in the most efficient way and to assure that all parties are compliant. Although not obliged, we advise you to plan your meeting in advance in order to avoid disappointments or (long) waiting times. An appointment can be scheduled by calling Tax Globalizers at 040-8001940.

Taks Globalizers' open office is scheduled for the following Thursdays:

11 June 2015

2 July 2015



Expat Center Food Valley
Akkermaalsbos 14
6708WB Wageningen

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