AHL immigration lawyers

AHL immigration lawyers is a team of migration law specialists within AHL Advocaten. We are specialized in filling applications for residence permits and legal representation in case of revocation of residence permits. We also advise on migration issues.  AHL Advocaten also provides services and legal representation in criminal law, labour law, and family law. Based on many years of experience in consulting and litigation we can provide the best solution for your needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss your situation and our terms for legal assistance.

In addition to the services of the Expat Center Food Valley (ECFV) AHL immigration lawyers can assist or advice on the more complicated or exceptional immigration issues. Because there are many Dutch, but more importantly, also many EU regulations on immigration, almost every situation can be complex.


AHL immigration lawyers also can suggest alternative ways to arrange your legal stay in the Netherlands. There are many options for obtaining a residence permit or legal stay. When you contact us you can discuss if one or more of the following options are applicable in your case:

EU nationals, Family reunification, self-employed entrepreneur, intra-company transfer, residence for study, work permit (TWV), EU Blue Card, Dutch citizenship, long term residence permit, etc.

As AHL Advocate’s immigration specialists mr Anjo Hekman and mr Flip Jansen are experienced and highly motivated. We are happy to look into and discuss with you all your options with you, so you can start or continue your stay with a valid residence permit in the Netherlands. For more information please contact us.


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E: info@ahl-advocaten.nl

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