For your stay in the Netherlands the Expat Center Food Valley (ECFV) has negotiated for package deal with one of the most established Expat insurance companies in the Netherlands: EXPATSinsured.

 Insurance solutions

As an expat your insurance and services needs are different than most consumers. EXPATSinsured knows those needs and is aware of the different circumstances you might find yourself in. For each situation they can provide you with professional advice and offer you the most suitable insurance solution. Also they can help you with a mortgage when you’re planning to buy a house in the Netherlands.


EXPATSinsured is part of one of the largest insurance brokers of the Netherlands: Meeùs. Meeùs is an insurance broker with multiple disciplines and specialisms. Due to its size, purchasing power and extensive knowledge of the market they are able to offer specialized products for reasonable prizes. There are a few prominent labels, besides EXPATSinsured, operating under the flag of Meeùs. Their most important labels are IAK (Health insurance) and Kröller (Business & Mortgages), so if you ever plan to settle or buy a house in the Netherlands you need look no further. The professionals of Meeus, EXPATSinsurence and IAK will provide you with any financial advice you might need, no matter how long your stay in The Netherlands will end up being.

What can they do for you?

Want to find out what EXPATSinsured can offer  you? Just visit their website by clicking the link. They have a page especially made for ECFV expats so you can enjoy the benefits we arranged with them.


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