About us

Nieuwland Werk Taal Zorg is a service provider aiming to help people to fully participate in society. For instance by increasing or maintaining self-reliance, finding a meaningful way to spend one’s time, teaching the Dutch language or finding and/or keeping a job.

We divided our services into three groups:

  • Work: job-finding, job-coaching and outplacement
  • Language: NT2 (Dutch as second language), integration and training for language exams.
  • Care: individual support, day activities, and social activation.

We operate from seven locations in the central and western part of the Netherlands.

In 2004 we started with Language and integration courses. Over the years we successfully executed large and small language projects for municipalities and courses for individuals. We specialise and have lots of experience in:

    • Integration A2 (Inburgeren A2)
    • State exam NT2 level B1 (Staatsexamen NT2 niveau B1)
    • State exam NT2 level B2 (Staatsexamen NT2 niveau B2)
    • Literacy
    • Improving language skills
    • Training for language exams


How do we proceed?

    • Based on an interview we do a proposal: course type and level, duration and intensity (hours per week)
    • In the proposal we take into account: your current Dutch language level and skills, your learning abilities and the language goals you want to achieve
    • Often we propose two lessons a week. Each lesson lasts three hours. Alternatives are possible.
    • We provide modules of ten lessons
    • We provide classroom teaching but, of course, we differentiate into individual learning paths.

Nieuwland WTZ is Blik op Werk certified. ‘Blik op Werk’ is a quality management system. This  gives our students the possibility to obtain a long term loan from DUO on favourable terms in order to pay for our courses. We support the student making the application with DUO. (DUO stands for ‘Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs’ part of the Department of Education responsible for student loans)


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